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09/25/09 01:04 PM #1    

Dick Pearse

Welcome to the Aquinas High School Class Of 1970 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/08/09 02:47 AM #2    

David Kujawski

The Pearse Parties, .......... uhhh, .... Me, I was never there, and have no knowledge of such activities.

10/08/09 09:02 AM #3    

Richard Kish

Bunch of damn juvenile delinquents!!!!!!!!!!

10/08/09 09:03 AM #4    

Richard Kish

1721, that nuymber has always stuck in my mind!! Important things last forever.

10/08/09 09:09 PM #5    

Tess Pierce

I liked the baby grand piano upstairs. I wonder where that lives today?

10/11/09 07:26 PM #6    

Dick Pearse

A couple answers.

Beer cans count was 1761. But you were very close.
Watch the video again. When the picture pans the ceiling notice the small round white plastics tops. Those came from either 1/2 or 1/4 barrels. Thats a lot of beer folks. Kish drank more than his share.

The Baby Grand, aGeo Steinbeck from about 1900 is currently restored and will ultimately be sold.

If you have any photos you want to share send them to me. I just tossed a couple out there to get the ball rolling..

10/14/09 03:34 PM #7    

Frederick Patrie

I may have been the ONLY smart one in the group. The local law enforcement folks are still searching for a "Fred Who" that attended these rather dubious affairs.

Look at the clothes and hair. Very, very disturbing, Mr. Kish!

11/25/09 10:09 PM #8    

Richard Kish

Hey, Stellick just called and needs a ride up from the Varsity. Who wants to go get him??

I wonder if there are any pizzas in the freezer??

11/26/09 08:52 AM #9    

Frederick Patrie

Does Kish's post bring back warm memories or what!

Anybody else remember Mr. Pearse at the piano singing "Danny Boy"?

Mrs. Pearse's contagious laugh? Driving down to Kwik Trip for a pack of OG's and a frozen pizza if there was none to be had in the freezer? Thinking that when "Midnight Special" came on, it was still way too early to call it a night?


Beranek...:"HUH? WHAD YU SAY?"

12/23/09 09:11 PM #10    

Tess Pierce

I think it is cool that Virginia is our unofficial archivist. Doubt if anything in her records are about me though. I was lost for so many years till my Fred and the oh so true friend, Karen Becker convinced me to return.

I did get a review in the Hollywood Reporter in 1985. It was for a play that I don't even remember, but I will never forget the reviewer. He wrote: "Her comedic timing made up for her lack of talent."

That about sums it up.

12/24/09 04:30 AM #11    

David Kujawski

When I think of pizzas, all I can remember is "Bug Eyes".

12/24/09 04:45 AM #12    

David Kujawski


Hint: 6

Can you guess??

12/26/09 10:45 PM #13    

David Kujawski


03/07/10 06:16 PM #14    

Tess Pierce

How many in our class have been married 3 or more times? Hint at least 1.

03/29/10 07:04 AM #15    

Michael Ott

Where the hell is Wilma Reyes? Haven't seen her since high school and would enjoy seeing her and many other missing classmates.

04/07/10 11:33 PM #16    

David Kujawski

OK Tess, who is the one??

05/25/10 02:01 PM #17    

Gloria Brcka (Priest)


I remember the party especially graduation.  I just hope that this years birthday will explode even bigger than before.

Have fun, you deserve it.



06/21/10 02:35 PM #18    

Tom Brindley

Oh ya. I remember the sauna and the naughty things we did there!

I remember helping Sally carry in groceries - a station wagon full just for a couple days, put into two side by side refrigerators. 

I remember the swimming pool parties and trying to sink Joey - impossible.

I remember racing with Craig Bertrand against Dick on the new I-90, skidding and going backwards at 90 mph.

I remember a half barrel on tap in basement always.


06/27/10 06:23 PM #19    

Dick Pearse

You Tube changed the format.  So I had to repost.

09/01/21 05:41 PM #20    

Mary McCormick (Eustice)



Was so excited to attend the 50th and sadly had to cancel due to one of our Poodles surgery.  Clearly in our lives, our dogs and horses rule.  I'm sad because as I look through the lists of our lost classmates I realize that our old relationships are so fragile.  I was a latecomer to Aquinas coming in as a sophomore so didn't have the life long realationships most of you did.  That plus my curriculum had me in classes with juniors nd seniors, plus maybe I was  a nerd or just terrified because moving to the big city of Lacrosse (as a foster child) from Viroqua was the scariest thing ever.  In any case I will always be proud to be a graduate of Aquinas AND I have no issues with anyone who has no idea who I was and am.  ( ok maybe Walinski) Thank you to the Admins who take care of the 70 grads.   



09/02/21 08:17 AM #21    

Dick Pearse

Mary, I am sure many classmates remember you, I do. Thanks for your post. In the coming days we will be conducting a survey on how to stay connected. One idea is a 70-Turns-70 gathering next Summer. Enjoy the reunion pictures. How many do you recognize? 🤔

Dick Pearse

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